Critteur for iPhone/iPod Touch

Project Title Critteur for iPhone/iPod Touch
App Type
2009.8- / On Development
iPhone OS
Social / Community
MFA Design & Technology Adv. CCLab

Because of the urban architecture of the Parsons campus, the elevator is the heart of social interaction. While waiting for the elevator, people use their mobile devices. We plan to intervene in this situation by was of the Parsons Critteur Mobile Application where students and faculty upload and share their individual projects while participating in a ranking system that promotes the sharing and critiquing of work. Critteur is the elevator picth for daily vertical commute.

Critteur promotes current projects and interaction through critique, and as well as promote collaboration within the vast range of departments at Parsons: The New School for Design.


This project was initiated from DongYoon Park (Parsons Design and Technology alumni) own experience as an international student, who was looking for graduate school. When he finally decided to go to Parsons MFADT rather than SVA’s MFA Interaction Design or NYU’s ITP, a lot of people were curious about his decision. It was because most of people thought Parsons is fashion design school.

Even though Parsons is famous for fashion design, I found great programs in communication design, interactive media and technology.

“Wouldn’t it be helpful for the prospective students and people around the world, if there is an Parsons mobile application which shows big picture of the schools and great programs?”

How It Works

Current Status

The base structure and initial prototype for iPhone/iPad with dummy data is able to retrieve and parse data from internet. Currently running with dummy JSON data from web server.

Since Critteur’s project and profile structure are very similar to Datamyne’s, Critteur can leverage Datamyne;s web interface and database. Once Critteur is ready, it can be easily modified to become a mobile fronted of Datamyne. To move forward with Critteur, the interface for project profile and student profile and API should be ready in Datamyne. Once they are ready, students can register and login to Datamyne web site and can upload their projects. API will provide these data to Critteur with JSON data format.


Final Design

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