NS Mobile

Project Title NS Mobile
App Type
2010.1 / Launched on iTunes App Store
iOS / iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Dong Yoon Park

This app is designed to help New School students, faculty members and visitors easily find campus offices and buildings.

The project was initiated by the personal experience as an international student, who has never been to the US, having difficulty in finding buildings classrooms and offices in the New School’s scattered campus.

User can quickly locate campus buildings using Google Maps, with photo images to help you identify them. User can also view detailed information for each location, including description, office hours, phone numbers and email addresses. With the embedded links you can make a phone call or send an email directly from the app itself.

Additionally, user can check the latest New School news & event notices via RSS feed.


As an international student, there were many hurdles to overcome to study in the US, including applying for VISA, getting the I-20 and preparing many financial documents.

As a student who has never been to the US, a lot of mandatory orientation and check in process of the New School after arriving in the US was also a somewhat stressful process.

Especially with the information overload by email from different departments, scattered campus buildings and offices (with weird name like building L, building D), it was not easy to handle a lot of must-do process and valuable orientation lectures.

After getting used to the life in New York and school, when I found the printed out documents of to-do lists and worn out Google maps with a lot of scribbling and memos on them. This made me to remember the moments of exploration – walking around to find right building in hot sunny August day with many printed maps and lists, frustrated by the unfamiliar Avenue/Street and one-way concepts, having no idea which is north direction.

Design Question

“Wouldn’t it be great if we can utilize locative feature of evolved mobile phone to convert the stressful, burdensome orientation process into easier and more joyful exploration experience?”

Sketches and Prototypes

Final Design

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