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Mobile gaming has seen a rise in recent years. Platforms like the Apple Iphone and Google’s Android have made it easer than ever to incorporate new feature sets into mobile gaming. However, cell phone technology for many still consists of only GSM, SMS, and a phone book. Defector is a mobile game designed to leverage SMS for fun mobile gaming that anyone with a cellphone can use.Defector is based on the already popular games Mafia/Werewolf party game played in many IRC chartrooms. The game play is based around the idea of the informed minority vs. uninformed majority.

How to Play Defector

The Scenario

A team of double ‘0’ agents have been compromised by an evil defector agent . The defector agent goal is to poison the other double ‘0’ agents before they can accomplish their mission. The defector’s identity is still unknown. The double ‘0’ agents seek to find the defector before all members of their party are poisoned by the defector.

The Play

At the start of the game all players give themselves a name and join a room(This is the only point in the game where you cannot lie)Then one player must then text ‘start to begin the game. The game consists of rounds. Each round last three minutes. One of the double ‘0’ agents will be chosen at random as the defector for entire game.A the start of the round all doube ‘0’ agents are sent a “dossier” via cell phone. A dossier is a random sentence, word or phrase. All agent dossier share a common theme, element or phrase. The defector is not sent a dossier but a text reading “You are the defector” (as to not reveal his or her identity). Players then may converse with one another to ascertain who is the defector agent.  During the game players cannot show what is displayed what is on their cell phones however they are welcome to read there dossier aloud if they so desire. Before the end of the round each double ‘0’ agent should decide the agent they suspect is the defector. The defector will text the agent he or she wishes to be poisoned. If all double agents agree on the identity of the defector then the agents have found the defector and have won the game. If all the double ‘0’ agents do not agree on the identity of the defector then the player that the defector has chosen via cellphone is “poisoned” and removed from the game. The next round begins same as the previous round. This process continues until all double ‘0’ agents agree on the identity of the defector or until only two players remain at which the point the defector has won.

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